Have you ever dropped your phone accidently in the sink while washing dishes or worse, in a toilet or a swimming pool? Or has got wet by your pats or your kids or in the raining day?  Though this means that you may have to replace it and get a new one but there are chances that you can save your phone if you have the proper knowledge and know-how of the entire phenomena behind this.

The most obvious cause of water damage is water corrosion, which is the breakdown of metal by a chemical reaction with the environment. There is no specific time for corrosion to take place; it may take few hours or may take days before showing any sign that a problem has occurred. Thus how rapidly corrosion occurs depends on the levels of humidity, how long the phone has been submerged in water or even how the phone is made. Water damaged can bring many problems for your phones. We understand that how mobile impact to our life, people might save all important data (such as photos) on their phone. Top Mobile will promise to try our best to save your phone and your important information for you.